Adult Music Classes


Beginner Guitar Workshop
Intermediate Guitar Workshop

Ages 18 and over

September 17 through November 5, 2019


Location: St. Bernards Church, 88 Claremont Road, Bernardsville, NJ 07924

6:30pm – 8:00pm

Tuition: $175

It’s time to bring your dream to fruition with our Adult Guitar Workshop!  This quick-start program will guide you every step of the way toward your goal of learning how to play the guitar.  The course will begin by teaching you the basics of tuning the guitar and advance you through playing complete songs.

By the end of the term, you will have the tools needed to excel on guitar playing long after this program has ended!  All participants must have their own guitar – acoustic (preferred) or electric with your own amp.  Space is limited — don’t miss this opportunity to transform your curiosity into a passion!

Michael Andrew ,   Professional Guitar Instructor

Michael Andrew, Professional Guitar Instructor

About The Teacher

Michael Andrew is from New Jersey, and came up in the ‘60s and ‘70s, appearing on bills with Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Mitch Ryder, Eddy Money, Paul Butterfield, The Animals, Harper’sBizzarre, The Critters and more. He is an alumnus of Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA, and has been a live-performer, and writer-producer of radio commercials in New York, New Jersey and California. Michael often joins Stars of Beatlemania in concert as the John Lennon character, and greatly enjoys close-range acoustic solo performing.

Michael was an adjunct instructor at The Pingry School in the late 1990s, teaches private in-home lessons, as well as at local music schools. His favored music is Folk-Rock, Blues, and Pop, as well as the Standard American Songbook. Michael’s approach to teaching guitar is that it should be fun, tailored to the individual student’s needs, and step-by-step goals be established. He knows that if you work toward perfecting performance of your most favorite tunes, progress will be faster.

Techniques: flat picking, finger picking (with or without thumb-picks and finger-picks), and pick-plus-fingers.